Bridge and Tunnel Tour

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This exciting sightseeing tour travels back forth and from Manhattan to Brooklyn to cover all of Lower Manahattan Bridges and Tunnels.  Start off across the Williamsburg Bridge, come back on the Manhattan Bridge , back over the Brooklyn Bridge, finally returning to Manhattan through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.  The views and the feelings that you get when riding across the bridges on a motorcycle are the most unique experiences that you can have on a tour.  This is the tour that is responsible for our slogan of "Feel the Sights".  This is our most popular tour to combine with another tour. It's the perfect way to see Manhattan from across the river.  This tour is best done from sunset and later because you get the views of the city and bridges with all of the lights.  As with all of our tours, you can customize it to see the sights that are most important to you.  You are free to request stops anywhere along the tour to take photos.  Feel free to contact us with any specific questions.

Book Your Tour! Book Your Tour!