Uptown Tour

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On this exciting Sightseeing Tour you will travel around Upper Manhattan for sights such as Central Park, Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Museum, Harlem, The Cloisters, Yankee Stadium, Riverside Park, and the Hudson River. This is the best tour for "getting away" from the big city and experiencing some of the nature that Manhattan has to offer. This tour rides up the West Side Highway along the Hudson River for incredible views of the river, the George Washington Bridge and the beautiful Hudson Palisades that soar 500 feet from the river. The ride stops at the Cloisters for an opportunity to really enjoy the sights. This tour is best done in the middle of the busy day. As with all of our tours, you can customize it to see the places that are most important to you. You are free to request stops anywhere along the tour to take photos. Feel free to contact us with any specific questions.

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