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New York City Motorcycle Tours was established in the Autumn of 2013. We realized that there was something missing from the tourism industry in New York City. We wondered why a it was possible to see the sights in New York every way except via motorcycles. There were bus tours, helicopter tours, boat tours, walking tours, and even bicycle (pedi-cab) tours. It didn't make sense that the option for a motorcycle tour wasn't available. After all, what better way to see New York City than riding on the back of a motorcycle? You're out in the open air with the sights all around you. Your whole ride is recorded with GoPro helmet cams so you can share your ride with friends and family back home!

At New York City Motorcycle Tours safety is the number one priority. Our drivers are all experienced motorcycle riders and they take your safety very serious. Whether you're a rider yourself or it's your first time on a motorcycle you are sure to have a great time and the memories that you'll make will last a lifetime.

Book Your Tour! Book Your Tour!